Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time with a cherished friend...

Last night is a memory I won't soon forget. Despite the cold, rainy weather, I was so looking forward to getting together with Sarah. We've spent time together before (usually scrapbooking and always with hot tea), but this time was particularly sweet. That's because Sarah is moving to Ireland. She and her family are joining our former youth pastor and his family as missionaries there. It has been an incredible journey, three years in the making. My family and I have been humbled by their obedience, prayed for them since the beginning, and watched with great joy the Lord’s provision of their financial support. It has been especially exciting to hear the reports from our former youth pastor (who arrived in Ireland last June) about the ways the Lord is already blessing their ministry there.

Sarah and her family have always been special…deeply committed servants who radiate the love of Jesus, and who serve with such compassion and humility. (Sarah’s oldest brother and his wife are also missionaries.) I met them when Sarah was in 4th grade with my son. Later, in middle school, I was privileged to have her in my small group -- that's when our friendship really began to grow. Sarah has always had such a gentle, loving, compassionate way about her. I wish I could tell you how many times God has used her example to humble and challenge me. We both feel God has knit our hearts together in a unique way and I couldn't be more pleased. I positively adore her.

Sarah is not sure (as of now), how long the Lord will have her remain in Ireland with her parents, but her heart is open and willing to do as He leads. In the meantime, she'll attend college there and become a part of the ministry already underway with our former youth pastor and his wife.

As I really tried to savor our time together last night, I couldn't help but be incredibly excited for her. It wasn't until we hugged for the 3rd or 4th time and she climbed into her little beetle bug that I felt the lump swell in my throat. I walked to my car with a heart that was full, whispering a prayer of thanks for my precious friend, and all that God has shown me through her. I love you, Sarah. (Can't wait to see how God uses you in Ireland!)

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Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

that is incredible... and I too can't wait to see what happens to your friend...

I do hope you'll share her story...

I will pray for her in whatever way you ask..


and Happy Easter