Friday, June 13, 2008

Celebrating Three Very Special Dads!

Meet my Dad, Clyde...
Some things I'd like to tell you about him...
: He has owned and operated his
small construction company for over 40 years.
HE LOVES TO HELP OTHERS: He would do anything
in the world for you (and there are many things
he does well!) He often drops his own agenda to come
to the aid of one of his kids, a friend or neighbor.
HE IS PATIENT, GENTLE & QUIET: Few things make
my Dad happier than sitting on the side of a lake fishing.
During winter months when he can’t fish,
he and my Mom love to work enormous jigsaw puzzles.
HE IS TENDER HEARTED: My Dad loves to watch
chick flicks (oops, I mean) sweet, sentimental movies.
HE IS FAMILY ORIENTED: Loves spending time with his family.
HE ALSO LOVES Bluegrass and Southern Gospel music
(I think Gaither DVDs play 24/7 at their house!)

Among my favorite memories:
Dad waking us kids at 4:00 am with loud Bluegrass music

on the days he would take the whole family fishing.
* * * * *
Our late night trips to UDF for strawberry milkshakes
(after the other kids were sleeping).
* * * * *
Mowing the lawn together. We would
divide up the yard and then race
each other to see who could finish first.

* * * * *
All us kids wrestling and roughousing
with Dad before going to bed.

I love you Dad…Happy Father’s Day!
(Happy Birthday, too!)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Tom’s Dad…my “Daddy-in-Law,” Bob... Some things I'd like to tell you about him...
to his family, but also
to the poor, handicapped and others in need.
HE IS A MAN OF FAITH: He loves God and
you can see that in how he lives his life.
Every day begins with prayer.
HE IS VERY WISE: He reads several newspapers each day
and loves to talk sports, business, stocks & politics.
he still has a wealth of knowledge and new ideas
to help others in business.
PHENOMENAL COOK: Even in his mid-80's, he still
gets such joy from cooking huge meals for the family. For years,
we've been spoiled by his homemade vegetable soup,
roast pork, stuffing and raisin cake!

My Favorite Memory:
When Tom and I were dating, he brought me home to
meet his parents. The first thing Bob said to me was,
“You know, when we adopted Tommy and his two sisters,
we told them, we’ll take any baby you have, as long
as they don’t have red hair and freckles.” (As you’ve seen
in my picture above… that would describe me…)
I smiled nervously. His wink and smile immediately gave way
to a chuckle. I knew right away we were going
to get along famously...and we do.
Like putting aside the insignificant
(dishes, housework, etc.) and delighting in the everyday,
fleeting moments with Brennan. For him, coming home
from work to find me playing a game or reading a
story to Brennan beat having a hot meal on the table,
hands down, every time. What a blessing and gift!
Brennan is now 19, and we still cherish our moments together.
Our little family is very close, definitely a tribute
to Tom’s loving example in our home.
Even more than simply being there, he excels in
encouraging, guiding, inspiring, praying

Love you Pop! Happy Father's Day!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lastly, my sweetheart and best friend, Brennan’s Dad, Tom
I remember thinking before we were married
what a great Dad he would be. (I couldn’t have
known just how great!) Always one to stop and savor
life’s experiences, I’ve learned so much by
watching him as a Dad.
and supporting Brennan in every way he can.

We love you, Sweetie!
We’re so proud of you and we thank God for you.
Happy Father’s Day!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This is a beautiful tribute to 3 obviously cherished men in your life. Our fathers, for good or for ill, give us our first taste of God. Yours, as did mine, led me to understand Jesus in a real, healthy, and whole way. Men of faith are rare gems. I applaud their presence on this earth, and I am glad that God has creatively and wonderfully weaved your three into your world. I'm sure that Brennan will be more than ready to step into those shoes when the time is right.

Happy Father's Day to you all!


Laurie Ann said...

What a sweet honor for the Dad's in your life. They all sound like fine upstanding men of God. I know you are blessed to have them in your life, and I'm sure you're a blessing in their lives as well.

Susan said...

Hey Tracy,

Thanks so much for dropping by.

Wow, what a beautiful tribute to these awesome men God has placed in your life!!

What a legacy for you and your son.

Hope you have a great day celebrating tomorrow♥

Melanie said...

Tracy, This is such a beautiful post about these 3 VERY special men in your life. I am so glad I stopped by read about the many blessings that God has given you in each one of them.

Have a terrific week!

Lelia Chealey said...

This was a really nice tribute to all of them. Sounds like you are surrounded by loving, godly men.
Blessings on your day friend,

Cheryl said...

Hey Tracy,

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There are companies online that do this as well, but their prices were higher than his.

The rocks turned out great. My Mom loved hers. I love mine, too.

Let me know if you need any help.