Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cookies Anyone?? A Giveaway!

Greetings! Hope this Wednesday finds you well. If you read my post on Monday , you know I promised a GIVEAWAY sometime this week --'s the day!! What's the occasion? Well, it's my birthday! = ) And since we all know everything is sweeter when shared with friends, I've decided to share the birthday joy and cheer with YOU!

I think you will agree that ANYTIME is a good time for cookies, but isn't that especially true at Christmas? Not only are they delicious and fun to bake, they make wonderful gifts! Just yesterday, a co-worker surprised me with a batch of her fabulous Pecan Puffs. They were WONDERFUL, and they warmed my heart all throughout the day!

, what am I giving away? How about this terrific Gooseberry Patch cookbook, filled to the very brim with yummy cookie recipes? (Talk about dreamy!) And how about this darling little snowman plate? Wouldn't he make a great gift, filled with home-made cookies!? (or perhaps filled with cookies in your own kitchen?) LOL!

All you need to do is simply leave a comment sometime between now and tomorrow (12/3) at 10:00 pm (Eastern Time), telling me the name of your favorite cookie. If you don't have a blog, please be sure to leave your e-mail address within your comment. The winner will be posted sometime on Friday! Here's hoping you win! = )


Just a little something from Judy said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! You just know how to spread joy, don't you? What a sweet idea, a giveaway on your birthday...a very special giveaway. Who wouldn't want to win this gift! I am a fan of anything Gooseberry patch produces, and I never saw this Cookie book. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of being included in this giveaway. My favorite cookies...anything with walnuts in it.

Hope your day is a fun one full of surprises!

Gooseberry Patch said...

Thanks for including our book in your giveaway...we're honored! Hope your birthday is one to remember.

Kristi said...

Birthday blessing to you!!! I'm praying the Lord blesses your socks off today. What an awesome giveaway. Gooseberry cookbooks are simply the cool that they posted a comment.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Oh, I don't have that book, I'd love to be entered in your giveaway, and head over to my blog to get entered in my Tis the Season giveaway.

Freddae' said...

My favorite cookies were ones that my grandma made from a Heloise article. They were made from cake batter. Yum! Great giveaway.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday, dear Tracy! My MOST favorite cookie is white chocolate chip macadamia nut. But around the holidays, I bake icing cookies and peppermint cookies. Yum!

Special K said...

what a great way to celebrate your birthday!! Happy Birthday!!!!

My favorite cookie is CHOCOLATE CHIP! Yep, plain ole' chocolate chip!! They are the best!!!

LisaShaw said...

Happy Blessed Birthday precious friend! I so pray your day was as SWEET as you are!!!

What a sweet giveaway gift!! My favorite cookie is chocolate chip.


Karen said...

Hope your birthday was a great one...

My heart melts for chocolate chip cookies...warm from the oven!

Lea said...

Happy Birthday Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope your day has been incredible!
And your havin a giveaway to boot! whooHoOOoo! Who doesn't love gooseberry patch!?
Well... my favorite cookies are DECORATED CHRISTMAS COOKIES! I love their buttery sweetness, and then that frosting on top? ahhhhhh; makes me oh so happy! ;)
Love ya!!!!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday my friend!!

Love the goodies. Count me in.

Back to you soon.

southerninspiration said...

Happy Birthday!! Oh, I have found another kindred spirit, my friend! thanks for coming by my blog and inviting me over!!! What a pretty place! And your giveaway is fabulous! I'd love to win....I kind of like snowmen, even though I'm in TX!! LOL.

southerninspiration said...

Oh, almost forgot my favorite's hard when you like ALL Cookies! I love Chubby Hubby cookies!! I'll have to share the recipe!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy!

Hope you had a great birthday! I ♥ cookies, so I really want this book! (Am I disqualified if I'm related to the blog owner?) LOL

My favorite cookies are peanut butter! :-)

Love ya, Amy

Amydeanne said...

happy birthday Tracy! May God bless you with many more wonderful years!

As for my favorite cookie, as of late a good gingersnap has been my guilty pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Trace - you are such a blessing of such loving friendship! Thank you for inviting me to your blog. As you probably know, I don't think that I have ever met a cookie that I didn't like. Of course, anything with chocolate ranks at the top!