Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

If you're a regular reader to my blog, you'll understand I haven't been doing any thrift store shopping for several weeks. Oh, how I miss it! Just before Dad's accident, I had prepared a post of recent finds. Now, they aren't so recent, but still definitely worth sharing. Enjoy...

Who says save the best for last? I say... let's start with the best! After watching for this forever, I was positively THRILLED to find it! Winterberry by Pfalzgraff...service for 4! Now for the really incredible part...the price! Believe it or not, it was $10.00!!! (Retail value online...anywhere from $40 - $69.00!) It's in brand new condition, as if never used. It will be perfect for Christmas morning breakfast with Tom, Brennan, Breezy and I. What a pretty table it will be!

Since we're talking Christmas, here's another great find. I adore snowmen and these brand new spreaders stole my heart in a hurry. The price...$1.25!

This is the exact coffee carafe I've been looking for...$2.00! (A perfect compliment to my china and those Christmas dishes!)

Last but not least, this cheese grater from Pampered Chef. It was in its original packaging and according to their website, it's valued at $19.50. Would you believe, it was $.50? It's true! I was giddy to find such a great deal. It works beautifully and it's dishwasher safe! (Yay!)

Hope you enjoyed seeing my newest treasures. If you'd like to see more, stop by and visit
Leigh and Holly!



Traci said...

I love the dishes!!! Oh and who can go wrong w/ Pampered Chef items! I once found a brand new deep dish baker for $8.00!!! Addicted to thrifting is what I call

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

What fabulous finds! Those dishes are beautiful and the little snowmen spreaders are just too cute! The coffee carafe is great, and the price even better!

Thanks for sharing your great finds!


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Hi Tracy!

I am so glad that you lined up and apologize for not stopping by sooner, summer just seems to be getting away and we cannot get it all done i a day. I spent a while this morning playing catch up on your blog. Seems I have missed alot. God bless you dad! While I know he is in pain, just fortunate it wasn't worse. I pray that he will be ok and use this time to rest and heal. I will certainly lift you all in prayer.
Also, Happy bday to your honey!
Now, onto the thrifty- You got some great bargains but I am salavating over that cheese grater. and 50 cents! Being a cheese connosiuer I have always wanted one of those. GREAT deal I am sure you will use it often.
Thanks for linking up, friend!

Dawn said...

I love a good Christmas find any time of year. I've admired those dishes too.

Best wishes to your niece and father. I know how hard it is for a man to suddenly have to sit around for a long time. My husband had a spinal cord injury a few years ago. All better now, but he was a not a good patient! Hope you can find something to keep dad's hands and mind busy.

Holly said...

What a great deal on the dishes! I've always kind of wanted Christmassy dishes, but didn't really want the cheapo ones. Lucky you!
The cheese grater was an absolute steal!
Thanks for joining :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

What great treasures. I love when i discover great finds, especially when it is something I was wishing I had, like the beautiful dishes. I like my Pampered Chef grater and I know you will too. It is fun to think that we both like snowmen too.

Becky said...

Wow...those are FAB finds!

Thrift store prices must run a little higher here than back your way, because I can find deals, but never that cheap, lol. That grater is AWESOME.

Praying for your dad's recovery.

Kristine said...

Great find with the cheese grater! wow...what a deal.

I hope your father recovers quickly. I love your blog header and am constantly reminding myself to look to Him to fill my cup and not others...something that I struggle with sometimes ;)

I hope you have a wonderful and very blessed day.


DeAnna said...

Great finds! The cheese grated for .50 is such a treasure! I always look for chrismas decorations - most of mine are thrifted or gifted! It looks as though you had a really fun day - thanks for sharing!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh friend...I LOVE all of your finds. You did a GREAT job.

I'm hoping to go thrift shopping next I'm off of work a few days. Hopefully I'll be able to post so great find!!?

Know that I continue to lift your dad up with MUCH..MUCH prayer.

Gwen said...

Great finds!

Lea said...

I am so happy you found those pretty Phaltzgraff dishies! The carafe does match really well.
Pampered chef for two quarters? Did you start laughing outloud right there?!! Bet no one could have pried it from your locked knuckles. Yeehaaa how fun!

Been thinking of yall and your folks.
Been praying for your Daddy. Hope his heels are doing much better.

Tracy, you are such a good friend. My life is so much brighter and better with you in it!
May your next thrifty finds be as jollygood!

Jennifer said...

WOW...I want to go thrift shopping with you!! What great finds...always so much fun!

Yolanda said...


I am like drooling over those dishes. They are AMAZING and God was so good to you, 10.00 dollars!!!

Love to you and praying your Dad heals and mends quickly.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Treasures indeed! You need to come here to help me find some deals. I didn't find too many while in the mountains this week, but I sure found a ton of beautiful handcraft items I adored.

Hope all is well on the homefront. Happy Birthday to your husband. Brennan is his father's child!


Debra said...

What great deals! I love the coffee carafe. Thank you for your prayer support while I was in the hospital and now recuperating.

May your Saturday be blessed!

Carrie said...

Those are excellent values! The china is lovely as is the pitcher. All the things you found were great thrifty prices.

Joyful said...

WOW - I want to visit your thrift store!! Great finds!!!

Just catching up on some blog reading. Your Banana Split Dessert and Strawberry Pie recipes sound delicious...and favourite part!!!!!

Trust you are well.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Man, I want to go with you thrift shopping. You've got the luck for sure. Your carafe does match.

What's this about your Banana Split Dessert. Can you email that to me so I don't have to dig through your posts from July?