Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make New Friends But Keep the Old...One is Silver But the Other is Gold

This past Sunday brought a sweet reunion with a friend I hadn’t seen for six years. It was wonderful! Our "lunch" together stretched into several hours of “catching up.” (Truth is, we could have kept on talking, but dinner was fast approaching!)

Angela and I met waaaaay back in 6th or 7th grade at church. She was the first girl who befriended me there. I actually remember thinking she was really pretty and wondering if she was nice. I was so happy to discover she was in fact, nice and she wanted to be my friend. = ) (Something else I vividly remember was her incredibly cool "I'm a Pepper” shirt…LOL).

We were different in as many ways as we were alike, yet still became great friends. Throughout middle school, we went to GA’s and Sunday school together, and though we attended rival high schools, went to youth group together, as well. We shared phone chats, mission trips, youth choir, sleepovers and double-dates. We were there for one another’s weddings, worked and carpooled together, shared countless conversations over lunch and breakfast and walked with one another through some difficult journeys. As life continued on, there were sometimes weeks or months between contacts, but we’d always pick up right where we left off.

A few years back, as Brennan was heading into high school and we were in the midst of caring for Tom’s Aunt Helen, Angela had a new baby, and not long thereafter her family moved out of the immediate area. For the first time, we lost touch with one another. A year or so later, she contacted me by e-mail asking if we could get together. It was an especially challenging time. Between Aunt Helen's increasing needs, work, Brennan's activities and assisting in youth group, we felt stretched to our limit. I planned to write her and explain that though I'd love to see her, it was a really bad time, but I kept putting it off. Weeks turned into months and then months to years. I truly missed her and wondered how she was doing, but felt ashamed for never getting back to her, and then for letting all that time slip by with no contact.

A couple of years ago, I joined Facebook and began hearing from some old high school friends. By now, life had settled down substantially and I was truly hoping Angela and I would cross paths. I searched for her (on Facebook) several times, with no success. Then, last month, I returned from vacation to find a "friend request” waiting. It was from ANGELA!!! I was thrilled. Immediately I wrote to her and we began “catching up.” It broke my heart to learn that all that time, she thought I was upset or angry with her. I assured her nothing could be further from the truth. We immediately began planning for our reunion lunch and set the date. I literally couldn’t wait.

Our time together on Sunday was great, just as I had hoped. She is such a treasure. I sat across the table from her as we reminisced and shared with a renewed appreciation for her dear friendship. How I had missed her (especially her laugh!) I'm now more determined than ever to cherish her and our friendship in the years to come.

I headed home from our lunch with a full and grateful heart. Grateful she cared enough to search for me and make contact again, and especially to the God who knit our hearts together all those years ago.

"Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure." Jewish Proverb.


Melanie said...

Such a beautiul post for your dear friend, Tracy! Friends like those are such special gifts. So glad you've made contact with her again.

Christy said...


Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. Our daughter is leaving for Maui, Hawaii in a month to attend YWAM (Youth With A Mission). We are counting down the days and are filled with so much anticipation of what the Lord has in store for her.

Thanks again for visiting and your words of encouragement!

Have a wonderful day,

Lea said...

You've known eachother since 6th or 7th grade?????? WOW!
I'm so happy that yall found eachother again.
What a wonderful story!
I'm so smiling!
A TOAST to friendship!
(clanking dr. pepper bottles)!!

Jennifer said...

How glad you were able to reconnect! A faithful friend truly is a treasure!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Friendships that have endured for many years, through thick and thin, are valuable gifts that God blesses us with. What a special blessing to sit and catch up after all that time. It does amaze me that we as women often times conjure up in our minds things that just are not true. Just like Angela did with you. Communication is another wonderful gift we have been given. This is a happy story and I am thankful you posted it. You have lots of friends.

Woman on a Mission said...

You're post is great! I treasure my friends and those God has blessed me to know.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Oh how wonderful to reconnect with old friends! That is so neat.

Friends are a treasure from the Lord.

Happy@Home said...

How nice that you were able to get together with your friend once again and enjoy each other's company. I think sometimes when we get busy with our families, work, etc., etc. it can be hard to find time to cultivate friendships, but your story just goes to show that it is never too late to reconnect with old friends.

Chris said...

Very cool!

LisaShaw said...

What a beautiful reunion of hearts. GOD always has a way of doing that.

I treasure each and every relationship.

I love you dear one.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Agreed. A faithful friend is a special thing. I have a friend who lives far away. We meet once every 5-10 years, and we begin our conversation right where we left off years before, and it seems that nothing has changed. Having such a friend is a real blessing.

Pat said...

Good post Tracy. I remember this song from Girl Scouts!