Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Brennan!

A young man who is very near to my heart is celebrating his birthday today...his first as a married man!  = ) 

Recently, I ran across a very old spiral bound notebook.  I've never been one to journal, but I have been known to scribble random thoughts and notes.  As I picked up the notebook and flipped through its pages, I found the story of Brennan's birth!  From all appearances, I wrote this when he was still quite young as if I was telling him the story.  I thought it would be fun to share it, in honor of his birthday. 

* * *

On a sunny Saturday in May of 1988, a man and his wife discovered they were expecting a baby.  They were so very happy, extremely excited and a little nervous all at once!  For nearly 4 years, it had just been the two of them.  It wasn't long at all before they shared the great news with family and friends, that soon they would be a family of three!

A few weeks later, they got to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time! What a thrill that was!  Soon the woman's tummy began to grow...she felt wonderful!  The couple began reading all about how the baby was growing and changing everyday.  What a miracle!  Then one day, the woman felt the baby kick for the first time!  She couldn't wait for her husband to feel it too, and very soon, he did.  The baby continued to grow and they began to try to choose a name for this special little person. 

very night, the man would place his head on his wife's tummy and talk to the baby.  After a few months, the woman was able to see it when she had an ultrsound.  The baby was flipping and moving around in every direction and even sucking its thumb!  It was incredible!  She learned it weighed only about 1 pound and was abut 6" long.  She learned the baby was healthy and expected to arrive in late January or early February of 1989.  Oh, and one other thing...she learned that "it" was a "he!" 

She called her husband right away to share the news that they would have a son.  They both spent much of that day in a sort of daydream, thinking of their baby boy. 

They began making preparations and decorating the room that was soon to be occupied by this little guy.  They choose periwinkle blue carpet and painted walls of warm beige.  They found a charming border with lambs, horses and lions in beige, blue and pink, which the man put up with the help of his brother-in-law.  One set of Grandparents bought a lovely crib, the other Grandparents bought a matching changing table.  The man surprised his wife with a beautiful rocking chair.  She couldn't wait to rock her sweet baby boy. There were baby showers and many special gifts in anticipation of his arrival.    

At last, one evening the woman was admitted to the hospital. She was given medication they hoped would coax the baby to come.  She got settled into her hospital room, and the waiting began.  She and her husband played Uno to pass the time.  They called both sets of Grandparents and sometime later, they drifted off to sleep.  About 3:30 in the morning, the woman awoke to find her water had broken!  It was finally time!  (or so they thought...)  The hours that followed suggested the baby was quite comfy where he was and really didn't want to leave.  After many hours (27 to be exact), the doctor decided it was time to help the baby make it's arrival.  At long last...he did!  At 6:19 am on Friday, January 27th, 1989. 

He was born with quite a lot of auburn hair and round little cheeks and dimples on his hands.  He weighed a whopping 9 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Lots of people said he looked like his maternal Grandpa.  As you might guess, to the man and woman, he was the most precious baby they had ever seen. 

After a couple of days in the hospital and many visitors...the couple took the baby home to begin their new life together as a family...our family...and that sweet and precious baby?  He was Brennan Thomas Klensch.  A good natured, loving, happy baby (not to mention beautiful!)  Everyone said he looked just like the Gerber baby.  He was (and still is) definitely a "cuddler" which only made him more lovable.  He was even known to put his head on the shoulder of people holding him for the first time, and they would always just melt.  Those huge blue eyes and the sweetest of smiles never failed to light up any room.  The joy he brought (and continues to bring) to his Daddy and Mommy is something beyond anything they could have ever imagined.  There was never a doubt God had blessed them greatly with this extraordinary gift. 

Bren, even though your baby days have long since passed, you continue to bring great joy to Dad and I. Being your parents remains the greatest privilege God has ever given to us.  We can truly never thank Him enough. We are so very proud of you and the way you serve and honor God with your life.  We wish you a wonderful day of celebration! (No doubt Breezy is making it a very special one.)  We love & miss you so much!   

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. ~3 John 1:4


Diana said...

Enjoyed this so much. What a great thing to share in his honor on this special day.

Jennifer said...

Such a sweet story - hope both of you have a wonderful day! Birthdays are just as big a celebration for us moms...remembering those special days when we were richly and specifically blessed by God - and became a mommy!!

southerninspiration said...

Aww, sweet story....and my son's birthday is tomorrow!! Hope it's a good one, and I know you will enjoy looking back as you anticipate looking forward, too, to watch him grow and mature!
Happy day!


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh...MELT my <3!!! What a beautiful a beautiful young man.

You've done well Mamma!!!

Happy Birthday Brennan!

Just a little something from Judy said...

This tribute was shared from your heart and blessed my heart as I read it. What a fine young man God has blessed you with. The picture of you and him is certainly a good looking picture. I think it was a good idea for you to document his birth. Wishing him a happy birthday!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Still looks like the Gerber baby! Nick will turn 21 this April. Just makes me cry thinking about it.

Have a blessed new year of living, Brennan.


Melanie said...

A beautiful post to your dear son, Tracy! Happy belated birthday, Brennan!

Anonymous said...

Now that is just the sweetest story. What a beautiful baby picture. Those big smiley cheeks just waiting for big smooches :)

Happy Birthday Brennan!

LisaShaw said...

Hi precious sister and friend,

Happy Birthday to your handsome son. Thank you for sharing your precious heart with us today. I enjoyed reading and visiting.

My love and prayers remain with you and your family.

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh my!! :) What cuteness. :) I love how you wrote your sweet story.
I just know that the time is going to rush by way, way too fast and my boys will so soon be grown...

Kathleen Grace said...

Love the story! The beautiful baby has tirned into a very handsome young man:>) Hope his birthday was wonderful.