Sunday, July 6, 2008

Be Still Sunday


Cheryl said...


I like your new look! It's been a pretty good weekend. I needed to do some work, but didn't. Oh well!

Jan called me this morning and she has a knot on her leg. Ugh! It may be nothing. But as she hasn't been on any treatment for close to 6 weeks, it is worrisome. However, almost 2 weeks ago was when we got results of very minimal growth. It's hard just not to let your mind run wild.

Also, they have been unable to keep Joyce's lung inflated after he biopsy. I've been in touch with them all weekend. Last week when she went to the oncologist her concern was that she was going to die anytime. They assured her she wasn't. But she's afraid. Maybe this is God working.

Enjoy the remainder of your day!


Peggy said...


I loved your Patriotic husband and his joy of sharing with the runners and encouraging them with music & flags! How special is that!

When I came here, I was looking at BE STILL and KNOW for Sunday meme and that's when I discovered Seek the Lord Sunday. I wanted to start my own but someone told me hardly anyone does memes on Sun. & I thought how special that is to honor God & family that way! So I loved your idea!!! But can't use it yet! Because I'm counting posts
to end up with 100 on Aug. 1st for a special reason! I enjoyed so much reading around your Blog and I loved yor blog name! I didn't know how to do a button but I wanted a simple one for Sunday!

I just couldn't pass up Spiritual Gifts! Hope you take the inventory!
Called Me Blessed was on vacation so that's why I just did a part 2.

Psalm 46:10 is one of my favorite psalm/song that comes to my mind often and I so loved your reasoning.

Bless you for your visit & your
precious words for me! That was so encouraging & kind. I was sure no one would be visiting so that makes you a SUPER special surprise and sweet blessing! I pray that you
enjoy your beginning of the week! I so enjoy your Marathon with all your honest emotions that God turned to GOOD for you, an aMazing hubby and the runners! How super!
Hope you won't be expected to do this every year but if you are, you will find a blessing! My tears
of joy in patriotism & your love
touched me deeply! God bless America and YOU all!