Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beth Moore - Final Portion

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted...
(Continued from Thursday, 8/7)

(4) “Dig the Roots”

Our roots are as deep as we are convinced of God’s love for us. “Are we convinced?”

Ephesians 3:17- 19 That He would make His home in our hearts and we would trust him. Our roots would grow down into God’s love to keep us strong. That we would have the power to grasp how high, long, wide and deep is His love. And that we experience His love, even though we can’t fully understand it.

“I have to know that I know He loves me.” The words of Jesus Loves Me can carry you through great difficulty (loss of loved one, betrayal of your spouse, etc.)

2 Kings 19:29-31 “Take root below – bear fruit above.”

(5) “Stop the Choke”

Anxiety chokes the Word right out of us and keep us from maturing in our faith.

Phil 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but with prayer and thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.

The cure for anxiety is prayer! We need to be Warriors not worriers! We can have that peace. He will release us if we trust – tell Him we claim the promises He gives! (She shared that God completely restored her thought process, her sanity.)

So often we insist on a life of “feeling good.” Will we so resist trials that we have no crowns to cast?

1 Cor. 1:5-7 God has spoken blessings over us; He has made us rich spiritually. Remain competently competent in the Word of God! (Those are true riches)

Romans 10:8 We need to keep His message close at hand -- on our lips and in our hearts.

Be genuine before others (no “performing”). Hear and Retain the Word in a good, and noble, persevering heart. Noble (Gr. “Kalos”) meaning beautiful, harmonious. Good (Gr. “Agathos”) beneficial. We are here to be a benefit! (to share Christ, serve, disciple and encourage others).

Phil. 2:17-pour yourself out as a drink offering for others for Him!

Be glad about it! We can survive and thrive! We do not have to live in defeat as emotional disasters.

Start your day in the Word…our capacity of hearing from God in the morning is supernatural. (Eccles. 11:6 & Isaiah 50:4-5)

We need to think of PMS as “Please more Spirit!”

(6) “Retain the Word”

Retain (Gr. “kateche”) meaning to hold in a vice grip; to possess with.

Always pray before reading the Word. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit. Then ask Him to raise a specific word or phrase that resonates in your life. Meditate on it that day. Sometimes He will give you “Daily Words.” Other times He will give you “Destiny Words.” Press your hand over your heart so that you can retain it there! (She writes scriptures on index cards and places them where she will see them.) Continuously learn both New and Old testament scripture! (Recommends "Daily Light" by Anne Graham Lotz)

(7) “Press Forth to Your 100-Fold Harvest!”
We are in a culture of “now,” but harvest doesn’t work that way. We have to sow it, wait, and sometimes even water it with our tears. It’s normal in the midst of a long obedience to be tired, worn out and want to quit. Hang in there, press through the discouragement. Harvest takes time, but you will persevere in His strength!

Heb. 11:2-3; Rev. 10:5-7 There is a day coming when we’ll know all the answers. We’ll know He was right and faithful.

Until that time, we are to tell the knowledge of the secrets we know! It doesn’t matter where you come from, what kind of background you have, every one of us can be a woman of spiritual substance and means!
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It's been impossible to share these notes with you without feeling their impact afresh. For those who, like me, were privileged to attend, I pray God has spoken afresh to your heart as well. For those who were unable to attend, I pray that the power of these insights has not been lost in translation. If you are unfamiliar with Beth Moore's ministry, take a moment to visit her site. There you will find all sorts of information about her Bible studies, books, speaking engagements, etc.


Peggy said...

Blessings Tracy...well...that's a mighty deep subject...(lol) You certainly are not being STILL for

Wrong weekend last weekend for me to make a trip...huh? with this great teaching happening!!! WOW!

You are some note taker!

I am not familiar with Beth Moore but have heard via the much about Living Proof this...Beth Moore Conference...etc.
And I'm sure there are not materials down here...besides I would not want my first to be in what do you consider to be her best? Bible study?

I guess #5 was the most beneficial for me...this round! But all to work towards #7 the 100 fold HARVEST! Thank you for the substance!Bless you for sharing!

Krista said...

Great post today! I love the pearls of wisdom you share with us on your blog. Retaining the Word is our only offensive weapon against the enemy. I love your reminders!

Retaining the word and pressing forth,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

There is peace in prayer. It's one of the few disciplines that I carry with me every day, at every occasion. Whenever I feel stressed and worried, I go to prayer. My favorite place is my bedroom on the floor. Jesus promises his peace when we take the time to give him our thoughts. I've lived this one. I know it works. He works.

Thanks for all your notes on your weekend. I've seen Beth 4 times in person. I hope to see her next year some time.


Lelia Chealey said...

Oh Tracy...#7. I so needed to read that today. I am feeling the effects emotionally from everything with out daughter and simply put, I'm just worn out. Had a really rough morning today but I know it's because I did not take the time to be alone with Him. All weekend. Not good.
Thanks again for sharing all of this. I can't describe to you how different I feel already...from reading your notes to looking up the Scriptures.
Thanks Tracy!!!
Love ya,

Susan said...

Thanks again Tracy. What a great job you have done.

I'm so excited! I'll be starting a BM study in a few weeks. Breaking Free. This is one of the few I have not done.

Have you?

Blessings my sweet friend♥

Marilyn said...

Thank you Tracy for taking the time to share your notes with us. I have done two of Beth Moore's Bible studies....each of them on my own and only with the workbooks....never with a group or using the tapes or DVD's. I have never seen her through a Simulcast or in person. So this was great!

God bless you!
Marilyn in Mississippi

Tiffany Stuart said...

So glad you were blessed by the truths that Beth Moore taught on. I've seen her here in Colorado Springs before. Loved it. And I watch her on Life Today with James Robison every Wednesday. It's online too if you can't record it.

I need to pause and really reflect on these truths. Good stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to share it.