Monday, August 18, 2008

Blessed and Honored


Hope this finds you well. It seems as though there have been a flurry of awards circulating the last couple of weeks here in blogworld. I am grateful and humbled to have received honors from a number of sweet friends.

If you're like me, you so appreciate the kindness with which these awards are given. If I can be completely honest, though...I much prefer being on the giving end of affirmation and awards than the receiving. My favorite part is always passing them along to others, and yet that presents a new dilemma all its own. What if in doing so, I hurt someone's feelings, or unintentionally overlook a sweet sister who is very deserving of one of these honors?

I pray you will understand the intent of my heart when I say I'm not going to chose individual recipients of these awards. I don't do so out of selfishness, but rather out of a heart that wishes to honor ALL of you. I'm grateful to God for each and every one of you, all of whom have enriched my life in some way. God has chosen to cross my path with yours at this time because He knows I need what you have to share. He is so good to me through you!!!

I do want to express special thanks to those of you who shared these awards. If any of these sisters are unknown to you, please make it a point to stop by their blogs. You WILL be blessed!

To my gracious friend, Nancie of More than Conquerors, who recently shared the Gratitude with Attitude Award and later the Friendship Award...thank you precious friend. You may be far away in distance, but your impact on the hearts of those of us in blogworld seems to know no limits! Nancie has a definite gift of loving and encouraging others with her kind words and sweet prayers. She has brightened many days with her caring heart.

Thank you also to Jenelle from Life in the Woods, E-Mom from Chrysalis and Peggy from Mazes, Messes, Miracles...aMazing Grace for the Brilliante Weblog Award.

Jenelle is a sweet young stay-at-home Mom of an ADORABLE little man, Colter. Her blog is a delightful mixture of real life, humor, loads of great photography and inspiration. Visits to her never fail to bring a smile.

E-Mom's blog is filled (and I mean filled) with an amazing array of resources...from marriage, parenting, politics and countless other topics through an evangelical Christian world view. Her blog is truly like a mini news network for Christians. It's impossible to visit without learning something each and every time!

Peggy is a delightful soul who exuberantly worships the Lord! The time she invests in special offerings on her blog often staggers my mind! She is truly a woman devoted to the Lord, and she loves to encourage and bless her friends in Christ. A perfect example of one such offering was her 100th post. It was the most incredible, all-encompassing post I have ever seen. She shared verses, songs, video clips, prayer challenges, and then presented the "Sharing the Love" award to 100 blogs, complete with LINKS to each and every one! I was privileged to be among the recipients and I offer my thanks to her again today.

Again...if you read this blog, please consider yourself a recipient of all of the awards above!

Finally, I want to express thanks to my new friend Colored Heart at Clay in the Potter's Hand...she honored me recently with her own blog award which truly touched my heart. She and her beautiful family have an awesome ministry in the Phillipines, and she has yet another blog that is LOADED with incredible Christian resources, and a feast for the eyes, as well.

Thank you again for these special gifts! My life has been immeasurably blessed by the friends I have made in the blogging community. I pray God will bless you abundantly for your kindness!


e-Mom said...

Wow, congratulations! Your blog is truly a blessing, and you deserve each one of these honors.

And I appreciate your kind words in this post. Thanks so much. :~D

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Peggy said...

Congratulations on a well deserved outpouring of awards my dear friend and sister in the Lord Tracy

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what a beautiful person and friend you have been to me and pray many blessings upon you of treasures much greater than these recognitions that you have stored up for you in Heaven by the way in which you go out of your way to reach and bless people, virtual people and I imagine the real people even moreso!!! You go beyond the call of ministry!

You actually are much like my friend who bacame a Pastor now!
You give far above the normal!

The best example is my recent blessing of Point of Grace that came all the way to me in Mexico!
HOW GREAT IS THAT! And I know when they told you that it could be delayed in customs that you just prayed that right through...and it made record time. I don't get much mailed to me here but this gift was very special! I love Point of Grace and this new CD ministers to me greatly! I do not have any new music or books of the 2000 since I've been here since 96. But I had one cassette tape of Point of Grace and it was getting worn!

This special delivery blessed me and made my spirit soar for a whole week so far! I can't wait til I get my stereo fixed and really get to pump it up like Elaine said when she won hers!

I'm blessed each time I come and visit with you because indeed your cup runneth over and I'm so thankful that Friendship pours on me! God certainly blessed me when we made an internet connection!

Lord I thank You for Tracy and ask You to please refill her cup she pours out in her life both in real life and this blogging world! As she seeks
You with all her heart, may You hear her and attend to her needs daily!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Well said. I couldn't agree with you more. Happy Monday.


Laurie Ann said...

Very well said, Tracy. May God's peace be with you and may He bless your precious humility.

Susan said...

Hey Tracy,

What a precious kind heart you have.

I feel the same way about these awards. I'd much rather give them then recieve.

It is hard to choose. There are so many GREAT blogs out there and I just love all the passion for Jesus that is written all over them.

Isn't this just a wonderful way of spreading HIS love all around?

How beautiful is the body of Christ...

Thanks for being such a blessing to so many, I know my life has been so touched by yours♥

Nancie said...

Hi Tracy, Congrats on your awards! You do deserve them! It is always encouraging to read your posts. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragements. Thanks for being such a blessing to me and many others. May God continue to keep you near to Him and make you a blessing to many! Take care!