Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Reunion

This past Saturday was so much fun! You may remember I posted about my Grandparents, Walter & Elsie...well, this past Saturday was the reunion in Ohio with that side of our family. It's quite a large crew, and I hadn't seen them for several years, so it was especially sweet. As always, there were some who couldn't make it. I especially missed seeing my Grandpa and my Aunt and Uncle who currently take care of him in their home in Georgia. He's too frail to make such a long trip. (I also missed seeing my sweet Georgia cousins and their families!)

Brennan's girlfriend, Brianna "Breezy" came with us for the first time. She very sweetly commented she's never seen so many red-haired people in one place! (lol) This coming weekend, we have the reunion with Tom's side of the family! (And there are hardly any red-heads in that bunch!)

P.S. For my cousins or my sister, who might be reading this...I need to (once and for all) settle a long-standing family debate (lol)...it's official, Uncle Graddie says, I am his absolute favorite niece! ; )


Cheryl said...

Echo Lafawn ~ You are liable to get yourself in some trouble with that last little comment.

I have a very good friend who has a daughter named Brianna and she is also called Breezy.

Thanks for sharing your pictures. You know, I also have a sister with red hair.

Have a great Wednesday!


Nancie said...

Wow, Tracy! Thanks for sharing these lovely slides with us. It is really wonderful to see your family so happy together. Thank God for blessing your time of reunion. May God continue to keep you and all family members in His love and grace daily!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Then you will definitely stand out this weekend! Thanks for sharing your family fun with us. We have reunions at the beach every 3 years. That's about enough. (just kidding...sort of).


The Ballinger Family said...

Looks like you have a very nice family. Thanks for sharing your photos....I can't wait til our next reunion!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting these, Tracy! They're great! I agree with your remarks about missing Papaw, Brenda, Zollie and the 2/3 of the girls.

I can't really agree with you P.S. statement though. I'm sticking to what Uncle Graddie told me!!

Love ya!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Great photos. Looks like a lot of happy and sweet people.

Ut oh about that last comment.

I love to ask my neices if I'm their favorite aunt. I think they have one other on their mom's side.

The McLain Family said...

You are absolutely crazy if you think that you are Uncle Graddie's favorite. He really loves me more.

Great pictures!

Becky said...

I just love family reunions! Missed mine this year, but am glad you had such a great time.

Your son and his sweetheart are a darling couple.

Colored Heart said...

you seem to be a very happy family. praise God for a time getting together. looking forward to having a grand reunion with you in heaven!
by the way, august 12 is my birthday. could you kindly pray for me and leave me a message on my blog. i count you as one of my many blessings in the blogosphere.
gee, thanks! shalom!

Edie said...

I loved the slide! It looks like you have a very happy family. What a blessing. ...and oh the comradery!(sp?) :D

BethieR1978 said...

all I know is, I'm Uncle Graddie's favorite red-headed niece that lives in Ohio (and if Christina thinks she's bumping me from that title when she moves to Toledo, she's got another thing coming). :)

Tell Brianna she's not the only one to notice all the red hair. At my wedding, my boss said "oh, you can pick out the Hubbs side by looking for all the short redheads." I wanted to argue, but just had to agree. lol

It was great seeing ya'll. Let's hope we can meet again soon!

Anonymous said...

okay-so i just read this & just want you all to know that Uncle Graddie seems to be in a "bit" of trouble because it seems he tells us ALL were his favorite. At least down deep, we all know that I am his very very favorite ;)