Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts & Your Suggestions Please

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I posted! It’s a crazy-busy time both at home and at work, but I wanted to share a couple of fun things you could make with your kids, while there is still a week before Thanksgiving. We had our nieces and nephew over this past weekend and made them…lots of fun!

First, we made oreo turkeys! You need Double Stuff oreos, malted milk balls, candy corn, ½ a cinnamon redhot (or you could use a red tic tac) for the waddle, and frosting. We actually forgot the beak, which is just the tip of a piece of candy corn. I think the photos are self-explanatory, but just in case… Start with 2 oreos. Twist the top off one of them (you can either eat or discard this top piece). This is the base. Take the other oreo and press candy corn into the frosting about half way around it for “feathers”. Then press the full oreo edge into the frosting of the base. Press the malted milk ball into the oreo frosting on the base. Use additional frosting to make the eyes, to add the head, waddle and beak. (I think Josh enjoyed eating these more than making them, and who could blame him?!)

We also made turkey place cards for our Thanksgiving table from finger and thumbprints. Again, probably self-explanatory, but just in case… Take orange and red stamping ink or paint and form a semi-circle of fingerprints (feathers)…first one color, then the other just in front of it. For the body, use brown ink and one thumbprint. Draw eyes, feet, beak and waddle with black felt-tip pen (or you could glue on small googly eyes). Blaire and Jordyn jumped right in to help make to make almost 30 of these (that’s a lot of thumb & finger prints!)

If we had more time, we would have made these. Turkeys from tiny clay pots, wood beads, silk leaves, raffia and a tiny sprig of craft hair, with paint for the faces. (You could add names to use these as place cards.) Adorable!

I’ve been trying to think of a special way to share what we’re thankful for during dinner on Thanksgiving. Any ideas?


Natalie said...

One year I made a turkey out of construction paper. I taped large feathers made out of construction paper on the back of the turkey body. (Make as many feathers as you know people will be there. Don't worry about too many feathers if you have a large gathering. The more feathers the better). I wrote on each feather the names of the people at dinner. First we passed the turkey around and let each person "pluck a feather" with someone elses name. We then went around and told one thing of why were were thankful for that specific person. We used that as part of our prayer time and was very moving!

If you didn't want to write the names of people, you could write words, family, health, etc. and the person would specifically mention one thing they were thankful for about that particular word.

Hope this makes sense.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Never done this but it's the very first thing that came to mind....

Have everyone write what they are thankful for on an index card. Place them in a bowl. Everyone picks one out and reads it. You can end with that or you can 1) have the author's name on the card or 2) not have the name and everyone guessing who's card it was.

Just an idea.

I just read Natalie's idea and that is great also.

Laurie Ann said...

These are precious! I love them. Thanks for sharing. My 8 year old twin cousins and I will have so much fun doing the oreo turkey!

Woman on a Mission said...

How totally awesome are you!!! I love these and they will make great Christmas presents too!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Those turkeys are wonderful! I am IMPRESSED!!! Kids look like they had fun and their placecards/namecards look awesome! WOW THEY DID A WONDERFUL JOB!
Hope yall have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey girl,
I wanted to tell you to check out:
The Little Pink studio has a ton of crafts goin on... check it out!
Joli Paquet

Julie said...

Those oreo turkeys are TOO cute.

We made those clay pot turkeys and sold them at craft fairs years ago...

Have fun with all your crafting....


Becky said...

Those are all darling ideas...and the nephews and nieces are all very talented!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Love the craft ideas (the thumbprints being my favorite because less is involved!!!) and the corn pudding recipe. I'm going to try them both this Thanksgiving. You're so crafty and so good to give me ideas. I might even make your thank-you brand pudding cake!


Tiffany Stuart said...

We are a playful family. We printed out a turkey coloring page online(one for everyone there plus one). We cut out the turkey heads on each sheet except one. The master was colored and then used for "pin the head on the turkey." Just like pin the tail on the donkey. Fun. Hannah still has her turkey head in her room. LOL

Cute crafts!

Tricia said...

Very cute! I love craft ideas, my boys love to do stuff like this, we will have to try these! Thanks so much for sharing, I am not very creative but can take someone else's ideas and do them!!


God's Girl said...

Oh Wow! I absolutely love the oreo turkeys! Thanks for such a creative, fun idea.

Great blog. I enjoyed it very much!

Is the corn pudding anything like creamed corn?