Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Word Filled Wednesday (UPDATED)

(Photo courtesy of Webshots)
Does this Wednesday find you in need of some peace? This verse has become one of my all time favorites. On those days when life is anything but peaceful, take a few moments to quiet your heart before Him and claim this promise. You will find no greater source. I love the words to this beautiful song that seem to echo the message of this verse...

In the Presence of Jehovah
In and out of situations
that tug of war at me
All day long I struggle
for the answers that I need
But when I come into His presence
All my questions become clear
And in that sacred moment
No doubts can interfere

In the presence of Jehovah
God Almighty, Prince of Peace
Troubles vanish, hearts are mended
In the presence of the King

Through His love the Lord provided
A place for us to rest
A place to find the answers
In our hour of distress
Now there's never any reason
For you to give up in despair
Just slip away and breathe His name
You will surely find Him there

In the presence of Jehovah
God Almighty, Prince of Peace
Troubles vanish, hearts are mended
In the presence of the King

May your day be blessed!
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UPDATE: Thanks to my kind friend,'s a beautiful rendering of this song...take a listen if you have a moment. You will be blessed.


Deanna said...

I was at my visiting a friend of mine yesterday and the first thing she "threw" at me was the book: My Utmost For His Highest by Oawald Chambers. (I own this little devotional myself but, rarely crack it open unlike her.)Although, yesterday was the 17th she quickly went to the past date of Feb 11th which began with this very same scripture!

It was a beautiful devotion attached to Isaiah 26:3

Have a beautiful day.
In Him :O)

Deanna said...

oops... sorry for the "mix-up" in my words in the previous comment...
If I would just 'edit' myself before I click "publish" then I just might not have this problem, lol! ((blush blush))

Susan said...

Hey Tracy,

How are you? I've missed stopping by.

This is so beautiful and I just love the words to the song.

"Troubles vanish, hearts are mended
In the presence of the Kind"


Blessings to you this WFW♥

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey Tracy,
What a beautiful verse.
I really liked In the Presence of Jehovah too!

I'm praying for ya too... ;)

Laurie Ann said...

My soul is truly quieted and at peace after reading this, Tracy. Beautiful selection for today. Happy WFW!

Peggy said...

Blessings Tracy...Such a beautiful photo, verse and song! These words
fill me with PEACE! This gorgeous scene captures His Glory & beauty!
May today & each day we find that perfect peace in His Presence! May our minds be steadfast as He is!

I loved the lyrics of the song so much I had to hear's a beautiful YouTube of it!

Thank you Tracy...enJOY being filled with HIS WORD all week!
Thanks for bringing us into His Presence & Peace!

LisaShaw said...

My sweet sister and friend, I appreciate this post so much and I appreciate YOU praying for me and leaving words of comfort at my blog for my healing. I'm almost there...

I meditated on this Scripture amongst many during the days I've been sick. Jesus' peace is truly with me.

Love you.

Patty Wysong said...

Beautiful! Beautiful picture and verse! wow.

Samantha said...

Gorgeous picture and wonderful Word!! Thanks for sharing!

Judy said...

Comforting, uplifting, encouraging, and peaceful...the piece you shared today on the presence of Jehovah. My day was blessed...thank you!

Debra said...


This was so powerful. The song just ministered to me so. I have a cardiologist appt tomorrow that I have been anxious over and I can honestly say this just left me with such peace. Thank you for the scripture and the song.

troubles true, my sister, my friend.

Blessings to you!

Tricia said...

I love this verse... it is one I memorized years ago, but I always remember it when I need peace, isn't God's Word so good that way, it comes back when we need it!

And I love that picture... such a peaceful place.


Denise said...

So lovely.

ozjane said...

May you be blessed with His peace, healing and His skill given to surgeons.