Thursday, March 26, 2009

Confessions of a Thrifty Girl

I admit it...I'm unapologetically a thrifty girl. I enjoy using coupons, comparison shopping and saving money any way I can. But would you like to hear my favorite method of practicing good stewardship? Lean in's thrift store shopping! I love it! In my humble estimation, there's no better form of “retail therapy!” Recently, I’ve discovered a whole host of bloggers who share my love of thrift store shopping. Many have a nose for finding amazing treasures. Then there are those who can spot a diamond in the rough. They’ll take something that’s well, just… ugly, and transform it into something beautiful for their home. (Reminds me of what Christ does for us!)

I quickly noticed a popular trend among a number of these bloggers…many of them seek out white dishes of all sorts of styles, sizes, brands, etc. I loved this idea. I’ve seen beautiful wall displays that cost next to nothing, using just white platters and dishes and many other uses and ideas for all things white. The best part? Many of these dishes cost between .50 cents to just a few dollars. (Now that's inspiring!) Until recently, I didn’t spend much time in this section of the thrift store. Now, it’s become my favorite spot! I’ve found a few white treasures of my own recently and want to share them with you…

This looks like a saucer, but it's actually a shallow little dish. I thought it would be pretty on my dresser to hold my rings, watch, etc. at the end of the day.

Both of the preceeding plates are small...maybe 5" in diameter. I thought about placing a rub-on monogram or phrase on these for display. (All three of the preceeding pieces cost 50 cents!)

I haven't decided yet what to put in this one. It's pretty small, maybe 5 or so inches tall. Any suggestions? I think it cost $1.50.

This beautiful little platter is about 8 or 9 inches long and cost $3.00. It's quite delicate and in perfect condition. The back says "Crown Porcelain - West Germany - Bavaria." This one seems a bit more valuable than the other items I found. This would be nice to give as a gift, filled with some pretty cookies or baked goods (...or maybe just to keep!) ; )

This adorable little pot was .75 cents! The design goes all the way around. I thought it would make a beautiful pencil cup, or you could use it for a pretty little flower.

This was my favorite, I think. It's about 10 or 11 inches high. I can't wait to fill it with some flowers and put it on my table. It has no brand on the bottom, but it's heavy and seems to be of good quality. This one cost $4.00!

So what do you think? Seven little lovelies, all of which have some sort of history, for just over $10.00! That's some pretty thrifty shopping...not to mention the thrill and relaxation of the hunt, which truly is half the fun! Let me know what you think, and if you're a thrift store shopper, too. I'd love to hear any other ideas you might have for any of these pieces! Want to see more thrifty goodness? Visit Holly and Leigh...


Kimm at Reinvented said...

You hit the jackpot! Those are beautiful, I have to admit I'm a wee bit jealous...
Thanks so much for your sweet comment, I'm honored to be a little inspiration for anyone!

Lelia Chealey said... all of them!! So pretty. We used to have a store called "Things 'N Stuff". I loved it and could spend forever in there, but it has closed down. :( Guess I'm gonna have to come to Kentucky! ;)

Sonya said...

VERY pretty idea!

Holly said...

I love all your white dishes! Does the Germany platter have any other info on it? It would be fun to find out more about it.
Thanks for linking up with me :)

Leigh of said...

Hi Tracy!

Thanks so much for joining in on Thrifty Thursday today! You got some great deals there. I too am a fan of the white dishes. The pedestal plate almost looks like milkglass, I dont know if it is, but its so pretty!
I love all of your dishes, and you can use them in so many ways!
Thanks Tracy for playing! I hope to see you gaian next week.
I also wanted to mention that I love your blog. INspirational! And I love the verse in your Word filled Wed. that is so true!!!

Thanks Again!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

Tricia said...

Ok, you make me want to take a trip to the thrift store... maybe I can tomorrow while the kids are at 4K!

Thanks for your sweet comments and for prayers for my friend Stacey... I will check on her again later today.


Laurie Ann said...

Awesome finds! These are beautiful. I believe in the Thrift Store, not only for books but for other things as well. :)

Sheryl said...

Tracy, I just love your finds! Such pretty dishes. Sigh. I am enjoying just looking at them. I really think I'm addicted!


Faith Confusion said...

They're such beautiful dishes. What a fantastic idea: white. They're all so beautiful and who would know you hadn't bought them new?!
Thanks for sharing your photos.

Krista said...

Beautiful pieces. You truly are a woman after my own heart. I too, love the thrift store! Thanks for sharing!


Keetha said...

Thanks for visiting my Thrifty Thursday!!!

I think you found great little white deals!!!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I would have chosen each of those plates if I saw them at the Thrift shop. I am right with you, when it comes to thrift shopping. I have discovered so many fun things. Good analogy you gave. Oh, and I want to thank you for your very special birthday wish to me. I was surprised and delighted.

Lisa Shatzer said...

All the white dishes are so pretty. Great finds!

Becky said...

Great finds! I, too, loooove thrift store shopping, and have a route and everything, lol.

That pen cup is darling. I recently found some similar white things for my dining room hutch, and plan on using them for several bouquets when my rosebushes begin blooming in profusion once again. Such things might also come in handy for that upcoming wedding...?

linda said...

Oh my, Oh my...I think you hit the motherload! I think the platter and the vase are my favorites, beautiful!

I too have seen so much white around blogland. I've also read where girls have spray painted plates white as well (that way they are all the same color). This will definately be something I will be doing in the near near future! I love the look.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE thrift store shopping!! I usually tend to head toward the flower vases myself, but now I have more treasures to "search" for! Thanks for the idea, and I love the pieces you've found - they're beautiful!
Love, Amy

Natalie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thrift Stores! I just recently found an authentic Radio Flyer Wagon (1960s) for $18.00. I couldn't pass it up! You might see it in some photos :)

You found some great bargains!

Julie said...

OK, Girlfriend, I'm thrifty and love thrift stores too, but never thought of looking for white dishes... These are beautiful.. Now you've inspired me!

LisaShaw said...

I like thrifty shopping too :) By me is an Old Time Pottery and I have purchased white square plates. I call them Chinese plates. I love them. I had several white bowls, gravy bowls, etc. from thrifty shopping over the years. Sadly many were broken in a lot of ministry entertaining.

I like your dishes!!! Great buy!

Cheryl said...


Love these white dishes! We used to go to an auction every Friday evening and got a ton of finds. i need to check out where we have thrift stores around here. I love this kind of stuff.

Thanks for sharing!

I got all my goods from the lake today.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Anytime you want to "thrift" through my house, come on! I'm always trying to get rid of stuff, not add. I will say I love the white plates, and I do love a good bargain...

only if I don't have to wonder about what to do with it in a year's time!

PS: I've got Colton on the lookout for Brennan this week. Can't wait to meet him! I'll get pictures, for sure.