Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Overdue Thanks

With all the recent talk on my blog about giveaways, I realized I have two very long overdue Thanks to share. 

Last month, I won two different giveaways just a couple of days apart!  First, a wonderful vinyl wall phrase  that reads "Every Day is a Gift" from As Time Goes By, a blog written by sisters Victoria & Christina.  I've wanted one of these for over a year, so you can imagine how happy I was to have won!  I'm still trying to decide exactly where I plan to place it (and since the whole house is due for a fresh will have to wait a little longer to actually go up on the wall!)  Thank you so much Victoria & Christina! 

If you enjoy thrifting/repurposing/decorating & photography (not to mention meeting really sweet ladies!), pay them a visit. Bet you'll like it, too!

A couple of days later, I was visiting TidyMom, a really fun blog devoted to baking, creating, mothering and yes, tidiness.  She was sharing a wonderful cherry dessert that was made in a heart-shaped pan.  At the end of her post, she mentioned that she was giving away several Wilton Heart-Shaped Pans.  I entered and lo and behold, I won there as well!  Thanks so much TidyMom! 

My initial plan was to make her dessert (or something similar) while using the pan.  I assumed I could  share my thanks AND a recipe, too!   Well...let's just say what resulted could only be described as an "epic failure."  (I really wish I would have taken a photo!  You would have gotten quite a kick out of it.)   For now, this photo I took before the baking fiasco will have to do. = )

Thanks again for two wonderful blessings and my apologies for such latecoming thanks!!  = ) 


Yolanda said...

Very sweet and that baking pan is PRECIOUS!


Edie said...

I always knew you were a winner! :D
Congrats my friend!

Smelling Coffee said...

Congratualtions on both of these wins! What a double and unexpected blessing from the Lord and your blog friends. So happy for you! :-)